Free Summer Meal Program Provides Healthy Meals for Chapel Hill Kids

Chapel Hill, Smith County - Chapel Hill ISD is offering free summer meals for children in the Chapel Hill community. The program will run starting Monday, June 5 to June 29, Monday to Thursday, kids aged 18 and younger. Students up to 21 years of age with disabilities will also be provided with meals at no cost.

The program will take place at Kissam Intermediate School from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Families can join us for outdoor dining without the need for identification. For indoor dining, ID verification is required at the campus’s front office. 

To learn more, call our Child Nutrition Department at (903) 566-2311 or visit for information and updates.

For more information, contact Communications Director Belen Casillas at (903)566-2441 or via email at