Employee Incentives

CHISD's Teacher Incentive Allotment 2022-2023

Under House Bill 3, the state has implemented the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA). The Texas Commission on Public

School Finance has stated that the state should create a pathway to increased annual salaries for Texas educators. 

These systems should help to attract and retain effective educators in Texas’ classrooms and schools, but they should also help to

identify the most effective educators and incentivize them to teach at the highest needs campuses in the name of equity.  

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CHISD's Learning Loss Into Learning Leaps Incentive 2022

In an effort to align our work to our beliefs, we are setting performance targets tied to monetary incentives for all. We recognize everyone in the district contributes to the education of our children - From District staff to the principals, teachers, cafeteria, and custodial staff.

Thus, we’d like to focus all efforts on the targeted success as described by the following

1st Payout - 2nd check in January based on the MOY Data collection.

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