Residency Requirements

Proof of Residency Determination

NEW STUDENTS must provide TWO acceptable proofs of residency from the list below prior to being allowed to enroll.

RETURNING STUDENTS (those who were enrolled in CHISD the last school day of the 2021-2022 school year) must provide ONE acceptable proof of residency from the list below prior to being allowed to return. If you have moved or changed your address, you must bring TWO acceptable proofs of residency from the list below prior to being allowed to register.

In the event of extenuating circumstances where parents/guardians are not able to provide two proofs of residency from the list below, campuses will follow the following procedures to make a residency decision. A campus administrator will review the proofs that the family presents and will investigate the extenuating circumstances in order to make a determination of actual residency within or outside of our district.  If a campus administrator at one campus approves or denies residency for a student, that decision applies to all students in the family living with the parent/guardians, regardless of which campus they would be assigned to. 

Acceptable Proofs of Residency

The Primary Proof of Residency MUST be one of these three documents:

  1. Primary utility bill which states the name of parent/legal guardian, residence address, and a billing date within the last 30 days (electricity, gas, or water), or

  2. Lease agreement which states the name of residents including students, address of residence, dates of agreement, if utility payments are included or not included, and signed by Leaser and Lessee.

  3. Third party statement of residence form and two other acceptable proofs of residence attached, signed by all parties and notarized or property/residence owner and parent/guardian must bring photo IDs to the campus registrar's office and sign the form in person in the presence of the registrar. The property/residence owner must always provide two proofs of residency even for a returning student. To print a Third-Party Statement of Residence form, please visit: Frequently Used Forms.

 Acceptable secondary proofs of residence: 

  1. Other bills which are services to the residence dated within the last 30 days (cable, dish, direct TV, phone, and sanitation). Each document must list the actual physical address.

  2. Letter/contract of services hooked up to the residence (must be spending nights in the residence)

  3. Mortgage statement

  4. Tax appraisal statement from current year which states the name of parent/legal guardian, residence address and should show home on premises.

NOTE: Falsifying residency documents is a criminal offense. The district may prosecute violators and seek to recover the costs associated with educating a student who does not live in the district. Adults should not attempt to enroll students who are not living in the district. If the Administration becomes aware that a student is not a legal resident of the district, a full investigation will be conducted. Violators will be withdrawn and the district may pursue criminal and civil charges against the person who falsified the records.

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