Step 7 - Swipe

Once all Forms and Certificates are turned in, you need to pick up a Time Clock Swipe Card BEFORE you can accept any Substitute Teaching Assignments.

Make sure you Clock In and Out daily (as required for compliance in TRS and ACA reporting)

Sign in on the Sub Sign In Sheet beside your name. If the your name is not on the sign in sheet, you should write your name on the bottom of the sign in sheet along with the name of the employee you are substituting for, including the assignment time frame (HALF or FULL Day). 

If a substitute's name was not on the sign in sheet and they had to write it in, sub should check AESOP at the end of the day to be sure they were added in AESOP along with the time they worked. This ensures they will be paid for that day. This should be done prior to leaving the campus that day. If sub does not have access to a computer, they should go to the front office to use a computer.

Substitutes should log in to AESOP and check to be sure they are being paid for all the days they worked that week.

If you have completed these 7 steps, Congratulations! you may accept a substitute assignment for Chapel Hill ISD, Tyler, TX