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Chapel Hill Elementary UIL Competition Results

Wise Elementary

UIL Awards:

3rd Grade: District Runner-up(total scores from 3rd grade students who placed)

Creative Writing (Coach-Ms. Aydelott)

2nd Grade:
1st Place-Kennedy D.
5th Place-Mark B.

Ready Writing (Coach-Ms. Aydelott)

3rd Grade:
1st Place- Kimberlynn U.

Storytelling (Coach-Mrs. Greer)

3rd Grade:
2nd Place- Brynleigh F.
4th Place-Camilla T.

Oral Reading (Coach-Mrs. Harris)

5th Grade:
Tied for 1st Place -Brooklyn W. And Gabby K.
3rd Place-Scarlett S.

4th Grade:
3rd Place-Allison P.
4th Place-Raylee O.
5th Place-Alex M.

Music Memory (Coach-Mrs. Harris)

3rd Grade:
4th Place-Cora W.

4th Grade:
1st Place-Jakavion S.

5th Grade:
6th Place-Abbie W.
3rd Place Overall Team-Abbie W., Kali P., Kylie M

Social Studies (Coach Ms. Greinert)

5th Grade:
4th Place-D’Lyssa A.
6th Place-Lainey E.
1st Place Overall Team-Bryson D.,D’lyssa A.,Lainey E.

Chess Puzzle (Coach Mr. Bueno)

3rd Grade:
Tied for 3rd Place-Cohen L. And Clete B.
6th Place-Mason B.
2nd Place Overall Team-Cohen L., Clete B., and Mason B.



Gabriel Ortiz- 5th place; 2nd-grade Storytelling

Adrian Martinez- 5th place; 4th grade Number Sense

4th grade Number Sense Team (Marielena Cabrera, Adrian Martinez, Sofia Aparicio) 3rd place Team

Abraham Zuniga- 1st place; 5th-grade Listening

Ruth Valle- 3rd place; 3rd-grade Storytelling

Sabrina Velez- 5th place; 3rd-grade Storytelling

Daniela Estrada- 6th place; Dictionary Skills

5th-grade Dictionary Skills Team (Rubi Martinez, Daniela Estrada, Antonio Rivera) 2nd place Team

Elizabeth Morales- 5th place; 5th grade Art Smart

5th grade Art Smart Team (Alexa Cole, Elizabeth Morales, Angel Velazquez, Daniela Estrada) 2nd place Team

Kathleen Zuniga- 1st place; 5th grade Ready Writing



5th Grade ART – Team placed 3rd

 2nd Grade CHESS –

Avery Austin – 3rd Place

Blaire Cooper – 6th Place

Team placed 3rd

4th Grade CHESS –

Jordan Hernandez – 3rd Place

Team – 3rd Place