• Today, many of us live a big part of our lives online. That's why it's important that the internet be a safe place for playing, learning, and hanging out.  Here are some links to help students, families, and teachers keep their online communities safe and fun. 

    These links go away from Chapel Hill's website, so we're not responsible for their content. 

    For High School Students

    • How do you decide what images and information to post online?  Real teens talk back.
    • Creating a profile without making yourself a target: Check out this checklist for making online profiles that don't say, "Hey, steal my identity! Come to my house and bother me!
    • MTV looks at The Thin Line between public and private, funny and cruel, devotion and stalking, love and abuse.  Will you stand by or stand up?
    • True stories: Ryan and Noah made mistakes online. Listen to their survivor stories and ask yourself, would I have been brave enough to tell?
    • Totally practical and no-frills tips on being a smart, independent teen online.

    For Intermediate and Middle School Students 

    For Elementary Students

    For Family Members and Teachers