Engineering/ Architectural Drafting

    Chapel Hill High School CTE department is proud to offer four different classes: Introduction to Engineering Design; Civil Engineering and Architecture, Engineering Drafting I Dual Credit, Engineering Drafting II Dual Credit. These classes will be offered to freshmen through seniors. Students will learn about a wide variety of fields in the Engineering and Drafting proffesions. . 
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    Engineering Drafting I Dual Credit - Students will learn the basics of drafting and have a head start on students from other schools that don't offer dual credit. Students will take drafting 1409 and drafting 1405 through Tyler Junior College. Students will get a comprehensive look at AutoCAD and be introduced to many different drafting styles in the fall. In the spring we will focus on technical drafting, they will learn what it takes to be a technical draftsman and the skills to be able to get to work in the field. 
    Engineering Drafting II Dual Credit - Students will be introduced to architectural drafting and solid modeling this class. Students will take drafting 1417 and drafting 2440 through Tyler Junior College. Students will learn all about architectural drafting in the fall, including residential and commercial drafting. In the spring the students will learn about 3d modeling, including two different softwares, Inventor and SolidWorks. Students will leave their senior year with four drafting classes completed. 
    We will offer students two different certifications during their senior year in the Engineering program:
    Inventor certification
    Solidworks certification