Degrees and Certifications:


VASE 2020: 35 CHHS students were awarded Region Medals for receiving the highest scores on their original art! FIVE CHHS art students were selected to compete as State Qualifiers and 3 CHHS were awarded STATE MEDALS! At the Region level ONLY 10% of students in the entire competition are honored to be VASE State Qualifiers. Elida Barron: 2 time State Qualifying Medalist and 2 time State Medalist; Ma'Gayla Moore: State Qualifying Medalist and State Medalist; Keziah Knight: State Qualifying Medalist and State Medalist; April Beltran: State Qualifying Medalist; Keilah Knight: 2 time State Qualifying Medalist 

February 2020: Academic Rodeo (18 schools competed): 7 out of 8 students place in the Art catergory: Lizbeth Hernandez receives the only 1st place for 12th and Codye Taylor receives the only 2nd place for 12th grade; Keilah Knight receives the only first place for 11th grade and Isaian Gama Lopez receives one of the 3 HM for 11th; Kyndal Houff receives the only 3rd place for 10th and Yeini Rivera recieves one of the three HM; Keziah Knight receives the only 2nd place for 9th grade.

November 2019: Codye Taylor and Elida Barron are amongst 35 students to have their art be shown at the 2019 Congressional art Awards where they received an official 2019 Washing DC Congressional Christmas ornament

FALL 2019 EAST Texas State fair Winners: Guadalupe Arteaga-"Tri Star, Best of Show Winner" (1 out of 145 artworks) 19 out of 25 artworks receive 1st Place ribbons in painting, sculpture, drawing, ink, colored pencil, wood burning, Floral Design

April 2019: First time in CHHS History: Floral Design students, Angela Daniels, Ester Morales, Peyton Scott, received Level One Floral Design Certifications-Students had to create 2 arrangements in front of TSFA FD professionals and pass 100 question exam; 21 students receive TSFA FD Knowledge Base Certifications for passing 100 question exam

"5" 2019 VASE State qualifiers and one State winner !! (picture shown)Elida Barron: 2019 VASE State Winner and State Qualifier; VASE State Qualifiers: Gia Phan, Axel Aparcio, Keilah Knight, Lizbeth Hernandez



"3" 2018 VASE State quaifiers and one State winner!!

Makayla Clements : 2018 State Qualifier 

Mallory Kea : 2018 State Qualifier and State Winner

Alex Tellez : 2018 State Qualifier 

Please check out all the Region medalist and their artwork that placed with the highest scores in 2018 VASE