The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent

    disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority.The District prohibits any clothing

    that exhibits pictures, emblems, or writings that:

    . Are lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene.

    . Advertise or depict products not permitted in the school area such as tobacco, alcoholic

    beverages, or drugs.


    The student and parent may determine the student’s personal dress and grooming standards,

    provided that they comply with the general guidelines above and the student dress code.


    Examples of inappropriate and unapproved choices (these will not be permitted):

    . Hats, bandanas, or caps worn in the classroom except with teacher consent

    . Clothing that exposes bare midriffs

    . Flip flops or shoes designed for beach or bath wear, slide in footwear, house slippers, or heels.

    (For safety and comfort purposes it is suggested that students wear shoes such as sandals with

    back straps or tennis shoes.)

    . Excessive or distracting hair styles, hair color, or make-up

    . Jewelry or earrings that are a distraction or a safety hazard (Larger earrings should not be

    worn in the school setting or during physical activities for safety purposes.)

    . Dark glasses unless prescribed by a physician

    . Excessively loose clothing that results in sagging.

    . Excessively short clothing or tight clothing such as spandex tights (tights will be allowed if

    worn under a long shirt, pants, shorts, or a dress.)

    . Racial or gang related symbols, pictures or words on clothing or cut into the hair



    Also see the CHISD Student of Conduct