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    Are you new to Chapel Hill? We want to welcome you to our wonderful community and our proud district. Chapel Hill ISD is dedicated to providing a well rounded education to our students. We encourage you to watch this video and take a brief tour of our schools and everything Chapel Hill has to offer to your family. Thank you for being a part of our community! 
    "The history of Chapel Hill Independent School District is comparable to a huge puzzle. Each piece contains its own identity but, in some mysterious way, they all fit together into a wonderful masterpiece. Drawing together from a tiny handful of simple one-room schools, New Chapel Hill created Consolidated Rural Schools. May the history of Chapel Hill inspire and encourage those who continue to pass through these doors to keep the pride and be leaders."
    - Tiffany Gibson and Meredith Gilbreath.
    "The community members of Jackson Heights, Texas faced overwhelming odds in the struggle to provide quality schooling for the community's children. Their stories of self-sacrifice and effort provide encouragement for today's educators and add to the understanding of the history of African American Education."
    -Peggy B. Hill
    Chapel Hill Independent School District was established in the 1950-1951 school year.   Currently, CHISD serves a student body of almost 3,550 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten to 12. The district is rated as 4A Division 1 by the University Interscholastic LeagueThis growing district competes in the interscholastic league with Kilgore, Jacksonville, Henderson, and Palestine. 


    Chapel Hill ISD is located in eastern Smith County, Texas and covers 118 square miles, which include a small portion of the City of Tyler, the University of Texas at Tyler, the community of Jackson, and the city of New Chapel Hill

    Demographics of Chapel Hill ISD