Keith Whitman
  • My name is Keith Whitman. I am the Registrar at Chapel Hill high school. I started my education journey in 2015, working at DAEP at Whitehouse ISD before moving to the Registrar position at Whitehouse High School in 2017. In 2019, I then became the Registrar at Cumberland Academy Middle School in Tyler. I was honored to come to Chapel Hill High School in 2021 and am proud to serve your students as their Registrar.

    I am happily married to my beautiful wife, Charitie Whitman, who teaches  5th grade science at Troup Elementary. I also have two wonderful step daughters Claire and Kathryn.  

    Please feel free to email me Also, please click here  to go to the High School Registrar's page to check out proof of residency requirements, transfer request forms, new and current student enrollment information, student document request forms as well as other information. 

    I am extremely happy to be part of Chapel Hill ISD and I look forward to helping build its future, one student at a time!