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    The Chapel Hill Technology Services team is committed to supporting Chapel Hill educators. We maintain top-notch technology resources while also assisting teachers to implement technology in their classroom to make teaching and learning easier for both teacher and student.

    With SMARTboards, document cameras/projectors in over 90% of our classrooms, Chapel Hill is leading the way in the adoption of best of educational technology. Our high-speed 100Mbit internet connection to all campuses allows our classrooms to connect with the outside world in rich, meaningful ways previously thought impossible. Streaming audio and video resources enrich our classrooms and expand our learning possibilities.We also initiated a tech grant program in 2012 that awarded iPads to many classrooms where teachers demonstrated that they had the time and talent to develop excellent classroom incorporation plans.
    The Classroom of the 21st Century
    The classroom of the 21st century is one of innovative learning that seamlessly incorporates technology and collaborative learning into the daily classroom routine.

    The digital world of today impacts the way we teach and prepare our children for their future. In a technology-equipped learning environment, all students are able to learn through rich and interactive strategies. Technology is the avenue to reach and teach our students skills that will be necessary for their future successes. It's not only about gaining and keeping their attention while in school, it is about fostering skills that equip them to live and labor in our ever-changing world as well as to become life-long learners.
    Fun and Safety Online
    Staying safe online is important at every age. This page provides links to games and quick guides to help elementary, middle and high school kids and the grown-ups who love them learn how to be safe online. Guaranteed to be actually kind of fun.