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Degrees and Certifications:

*ServSafe Food Handler Certified *ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certified *ServSafe Instructor and Registered ServSafe Examination Proctor *Member of the East Texas Restaurant Association *Culinary Arts Knife Skills Certified *Chef Sanitation and Safety Certified *Chef Nutrition Certified *Chef Supervisory Management Certified *ServSafe Dining Commitment Participant 2021-22

Mrs. Nicole White

My name is Nicole White and I am blessed to teach Culinary Arts for Chapel Hill High School.

Food is my passion and I feel Safety and Sanitation are extremely important.

Attending a Culinary Arts program allows our students to learn not only a Life Skill but also to elevate their skills and knowledge that is required in a Kitchen environment.  This includes not only knowing how to Clean, Sanitize and Cook, but also how to read a recipe, create new dishes, keep the kitchen safe, TEAM-work, and more. 

Students will learn social skills, applicable greetings and how to share the workplace, along with accepting correction, how to follow directions and how to work under pressure, and how to deal with deadlines while responding assertively.

They will learn how to identify problems and ask for help, how to take turns, and practice appropriate behavior in the work place.

I look forward to teaching your children these valuable life skills, opening their minds to different foods and of course feeding them!