• Watch: We're committed to keeping your children safe

    To limit the spread of COVID-19, transporting your child to school is the safest mode of transportation. However, if this is not possible, bus transportation will be provided, but students will be required to adhere to the following guidelines: 

    hand sanitizer

    • Use hand sanitizer upon entering the bus.
    • Wear a face mask at all times. 
    • Keep hands to themselves and do not pass objects back and forth.

    The Transportation Department will provide the following measures to ensure the safety of our students and staff members:

    • Due to space constraints and logistics, bus riders will likely lack the ability to properly social distance while riding the bus. 
    • One student per row (unless students are members of the same household), on opposite sides of the bus, when possible. 
    • Students will be required to stay in their seats.
    • Buses will be thoroughly cleaned after each bus trip.



    • Entry doors will be designated based on arrival method: bus riders, parent drop-off/walk to school, student drivers, students with unique needs and midday arrivals will be designated to facilitate social distancing.
    • Designated entry doors will be propped open for no-touch entry. Any open doors will be continuously monitored by staff to stop unauthorized access and to monitor for threats.
    • Entry protocols will be established to maintain physical distance.
    • Sanitizer stations will be placed at each entrance and students will sanitize hands upon entry.Chapel Hill BUS
    • Students will go directly to the first period class or designated location upon arrival.
    • Parents may not accompany students into the building.


    • Dismissal times may be staggered to limit the number of students in hallways and exit areas at any given time.
    • Sanitizer stations will be placed at each exit and students will be encouraged to sanitize hands prior to exit.
    • Parents picking up students during the day will be encouraged to call ahead so that students can be sent or accompanied to parent vehicles upon arrival.