CHISD will provide Daily Cleaning of ALL campuses

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting will promote a healthy learning and work environment for students and staff.

    We're working daily to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. 

    cleaning Daily Campus Cleaning

    Each classroom and restroom will be disinfected daily.

    All high touch areas will be disinfected throughout each day.

    Staff will wear masks and gloves during work hours.

    The cafeteria will be disinfected between lunch periods.

    Staff will have access to disinfectant to sanitize working surfaces and shared objects after each use and during breaks in instruction.


    Additional Cleaning Measure for Covid-19 Positive Cases on Campus

    If a classroom or facility is closed due to COVID-19 spread, appropriate disinfectant, which is recommended for us on the virus that causes COVID-19, will be used to disinfect.
    masks required

    Custodial staff will disinfect classrooms, restrooms, and all additional areas in the entire building. 

    Common Areas

    In order to provide the safest environment possible in our common/collaborative spaces, while promoting disease prevention and mitigation, the following guidelines will be implemented:

    Meeting Spaces

    Meetings will be limited to video conferencing when possible.  

    If meetings must be held in person, all social distancing protocols will be implemented.

    Limit the sharing of materials/supplies.

    virtual meetings Administrative Spaces - Reception, Offices, Conference Rooms, Mail Room

    When possible, meetings will be conducted virtually. However, if the need arises to meet in person please follow the guidelines below:

    Facial coverings or masks will be utilized during substantial and moderate transmission levels.

    Please stand behind the shield guard installed at the reception desk.

    Hand sanitizer will be provided in front office spaces.

    Distances of 6 feet will be provided between all occupied seats and workspaces.

    Flexible Learning Spaces

    The number of students in these areas will be limited as driven by available space and social distancing guidelines.

    Common spaces and supplies in these spaces will be disinfected frequently.

    wash hands


    A system will be implemented to identify the number of occupants utilizing each restroom to mitigate the chance of exceeding maximum occupants per social distancing.

    Students must wash hands and then use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom.

    Increased disinfecting will occur throughout the school day.

    Each campus will comply with health agency recommendations and social distancing.


    Visual reminders will be added and furniture rearranged to help students maintain social distancing while in the library.

    Students and staff will wash/sanitize hands upon entering and after visiting the library.

    High touch surfaces (i.e. table tops, chairs, door handles) will be disinfected regularly.

    Occupancy will be limited.


    Students and staff will follow protocols for face coverings:

    Staggered releases from each class will be organized to limit the number of students in the hallway during transitions.

    Classroom doors will be propped open to reduce high touch areas when possible.

    Traffic patterns will be established throughout the campus that separates individuals to the greatest extent possible.

    When transitioning between classes, students shall travel corridors as far to the right as possible.

    Where possible, one-way traffic throughout campus corridors will be established.

    Staff and signage will be posted to reinforce physical distance expectations.