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Mr. Justin Ruelle

On a cold day in January 1982, a child was born destined to impart wisdom on 21st century students and teach them the ways of creatively arguing (with their parents.. sorry) and articulating their ideas in clear and concise ways. Decades from that cold Texas day, Justin would later teach kids what the word "oxymoron" meant as well as the very the important reasons to read George Orwells Animal Farm rather than just watcing a YouTube summary. Back in '82 all Justin could do was cry, whine, and eat at inappropriate times. Which is why it is appropriate that he now teaches 9th grade English. 


I am that Justin, and I am so excited to be a part of the Chapel Hill family. With nine years of teaching under my belt, and look forward to many more here at Chapel Hill. After a brief 2 year sabbatical from the vocation so I could help with the family business, I am ready to embark on more teaching adventures with the Chapel Hill community. My wife Maggie was a graduate of the 2001 class, and I have always admired the love she still felt for her alma mater. It wasn't until I stepped through these halls that I had that finally click for me. This is a loving environment that truly cares about its people. I am so happy to contribute to that mission. 

I love teaching. I love making doing so fun. I love helping someone understand the world in a better way as well as giving them a place to feel secure and cared for. I love making people laugh and smile. Above all, I love my family and can't wait to make my students part of that.