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    Many of the internet service providers are offering new or modified plans to facilitate internet access for students and staff. I wanted to share some of the offers that we are aware of and their suitability for our community.
    Comcast is offering free Wifi Hotspots. This is a great offer but Comcast does not provide service within our district. If, however, you live within the Comcast service area (Gladewater and North easterly) this might be a possibility for you to look into. Keep in mind that the Wifi hotspots speeds that they are offering are only up to 3 mg, so it might be difficult to get more than one user on at a time.
    ATT - this offer essentially will upgrade any existing ATT customer to the unlimited data plan. It is only for existing customers; by upgrading customers to the unlimited data plan, you will not be subject to data overage charges if you do not already have the unlimited data plan.
    AlticeUSA/Suddenlink - This might be the best option for the community. Suddenlink is offering their 30 Mg plan for free to NEW customers for the next 60 days.
    There may be a few other providers that are providing special offers. Check back on this page for updates as they become available.
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