Reconfiguration of CHISD

  • This page is currently under construction and will continuously change. We want to stress that no final decisions have been made on the reconfiguration plan for 2020. 

     On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, The Chapel Hill ISD Board of Directors will vote on the reconfiguration of Chapel Hill ISD. 

    It is the hope of our Superintendent that, should the reconfiguration plan be approved,  it will provide equity in education and will provide an additional allocation of resources for students and our staff. The District's mission is to educate ALL children so they can successfully compete in an ever-changing world. Our staff has the passion and ability to fulfill that mission, but under the current structure of our schools, we are noting disparities between the elementary schools, lack of advanced academics and real-world connections to jobs of the future, which are impeding the district's ability to fully recognize its mission. Most notable is the inconsistent delivery of instruction, the loss of instructional time for some students who attend schools without age-appropriate facilities, and few opportunities for teachers to collaborate with their grade-level peers outside of their assigned campus. To address these challenges, the district is recommending a change to the grade-level configuration of the elementary schools that will allow for a streamlined approach to the newly developed innovative educational platform. 

    Much planning and research have gone into the realignment proposal. This website will serve as a guide for the public to view that information and to have their questions answered. 

    Again this page will continuously be updated as new information is provided.