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    Our Purpose

    The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Department is comprised of all data required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about public education, including student demographic and academic performance, enrollment, attendance, special programs, personnel, financial, and organizational information. The PEIMS Department strives to implement premier data quality and system-wide processes to achieve world-class data systems and transparency while focusing on best practices for the benefit of our students, staff, families and the community.

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    Our Goals

    • To provide timely data analysis to district and campus personnel for the purpose of enhancing and improving student programs, financial accountability, and personnel information.
    • To build organizational capacity by offering superior customer service and support to all campus and district staff as well as community stakeholders. 
    • To ensure the highest quality data and high performing data resolutions through technological innovation and stakeholder feedback.  
    • To establish streamlined data processes by integrating data systems that are robust, reliable and accurate.
    • To build public trust and confidence through open communication, reliable operations, and transparent data management.


    Angela Rhoads
    PEIMS Coordinator

    Office Hours: 
    Monday - Friday
    7:30AM - 4:30PM

    11134 County Road 2249
    Tyler, Texas 75707-5304