CHISD Communications and Public Relations

  • Perception means being able to interpret and understand communication situations and challenges effectively.

    talking/listening We here at CHISD believe the messages that we send and receive do far more than transmit information or express feelings, they shape attitudes, build relationships, and can hopefully change the course of history.

    It is our mission to be open, honest, and transparent with the students, staff, parents, and community of Chapel Hill. We want to provide a safe school environment that promotes positive relationships, individualism and collaboration, caring and acceptance, respect and responsibility, sensitivity and honesty, while developing the academic skills and character that will serve students throughout their lives. 

    It is our vision that the district provides a dynamic, relevant, educational and creative environment for all students and fosters a close-knit culture where all students succeed, families feel welcome, and the community is engaged.



    Belén Casillas


    Belen Casillas
    Director of Communications

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    Monday - Friday

    8 AM - 4 PM


    11134 County Road 2249
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