Remember, What You Do Matters! This is the challenge middle school faculty and students hear every morning as we begin our day. As I greet students in the hallways I am reminded of the importance of my job and that of our faculty. We are entrusted each day with your greatest treasure – your children.


    Our goal is to prepare our students to be successful far beyond middle school. Every minute of every day is important. Your help is needed! Be sure your child is at school all day every day. There is no substitute for time in class questioning, sharing and learning with one’s classmates.


    I invite you to come to school!  Come for lunch or for a short visit. Walk through the halls to view student work proudly displayed; see how they have creatively challenged themselves to be model citizens with acts of kindness, respect, and leadership; look for the college pennants and posters we have received from colleges in our area and around the     nation. Our students are ambitious! We must work together  today to prepare them for the endless possibilities of          tomorrow.

    What We Do Matters – No Excuses!


      Mrs. Black


    Debbie Black
     Please contact Vicki Cantrell @ cantrellv@chapelhillisd.org
    or call (903)566-1491 to set up an appointment