Funding and Facilities

  • Objective I:
    All stakeholders will ensure the transparent and efficient use of available resources to maximize student success.

    • Strategy: 5.1
      Identify and analyze all available financial resources.
      • Action Plan: 5.1.1
        Create an Education Foundation to enhance community involvement and expand resources to support learning in CHISD and beyond. 
      • Action Plan: 5.1.2
        Create a plan to position CHISD in a positive direction that meets the future needs of the district.
    • Strategy: 5.2
      Develop a system of program evaluation.
      • Action Plan 5.2.1
        Update the district website to allow for easier access and understanding of financial data.
      • Action Plan 5.2.2
        Increase trust, promote growth and strengthen communication to gain understanding of the district's finances.

    Objective II:
    Facilities will promote equity for all students in an educational environment that optimizes student success.

    • Strategy: 6.1
      Develop a facility plan that maximizes existing facilities and addresses future needs.
      • Action Plan 6.1.1
        Create a district-level Facilities Review Committee made up of campus, district, parent, and community stakeholders.