Human Resources

  • Objective I:
    Establish a premier school district that transforms into a culture of unification by recruiting, training and retaining all staff.

    • Strategy: 4.1
      Develop a plan for recruiting a highly-qualified, diverse staff who are vested in the Chapel Hill Way!
      • Action Plan: 4.1.1
        Create a system to recruit a highly-qualified, diverse staff.
      • Action Plan: 4.1.2
        Build relationships throughout the community to gain exposure and a positive image for Chapel Hill ISD.
    • Strategy: 4.2
      Develop innovative strategies to retain a diverse staff.
      • Action Plan 4.2.1
        Develop and implement mentoring, training, and support programs for new teachers while allowing for leadership opportunities for veteran teachers.
      • Action Plan 4.2.2
        Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to retain a highly effective staff in all areas and at all levels in the organization.