Whole Child

  • Objective I:
    Assure every member of the Chapel Hill family has value and self-worth.

    • Strategy: 3.1
      Equip all staff, students and parents with resources to promote emotional/social health.
      • Action Plan: 3.1.1
        Implement an inclusive social skills and character development curriculum K-12.
      • Action Plan: 3.1.2
        Provide resources that address students' social/emotional learning so that teachers and parents are better prepared to support students' mental health, social relationships, learning and educational outcomes.
    • Strategy: 3.2
      Connect every student to the Chapel Hill family based on their unique interests, passions, and abilities.
      • Action Plan 3.2.1
        Increase student engagement emotionally, socially and intellectually, so students are involved in school and parents/guardians are engaged in the future of their students.