Innovative Teaching and Learning

  • Objective I:
    Implement a viable, robust and aligned curriculum that supports all students' success

    • Strategy: 1.1
      Ensure alignment of curriculum.
      • Action Plan: 1.1.1
        Vertically align curriculum across all campuses within the district, placing equal value on all courses of study while holding staff accountable, ensuring fidelity, with increases in district achievements measured by student data.
    • Strategy: 1.2
      Develop a system of program evaluation.
      • Action Plan 1.2.1
        Evaluate programs using teacher surveys, student and teacher data, and specific program usage. 

    Objective II:
    Implement a viable, robust and aligned professional development plan that supports all staff success.

    • Strategy: 2.1
      Create a professional development plan that assesses and addresses the staff's needs.
      • Action Plan 2.1.1
        Invest in instructional and non-instructional staff by providing quality professional development opportunities that will result in district-wide alignment, retention and recruitment of quality-trained teachers and staff, foster fidelity, and increase internal and external communication.