• Elementary Education

    The elementary education programs at Jackson, Wise, and Kissam (grades PreK-5) focus on the mastery of appropriate grade-level English Language Arts and Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics as prescribed by the Texas  painting Education Agency.  In addition to the core curriculum, every grade level offers Response to Intervention.  Opportunities exist for the Gifted and Talented learner (see description below) in grades K-5.  Dual Language (see description below) is offered for learners who want to learn Spanish and English.  Additional curriculum areas include health, physical education, fine arts and computer literacy with activities designed to deliver the prescribed Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The Wise Elementary Fine Arts Magnet places an extra emphasis on dance and drama.

    Middle School

    Chapel Hill ISD recognizes that middle school students are unique individuals, undergoing a series of physiological, psychological, and sociological changes. To better encourage mature development, middle school students are organized into teams for their basic subjects, while allowing them the freedom to join others for their elective subjects. These electives include theater, band, choir, computer literacy, career investigations, art, dance, athletics, web-mastering, and media technology. The middle school program also seeks to build student academic, social and communication skills to help prepare them for high school.

     High School Teaching

    Chapel Hill High School offers a well-rounded curriculum that provides intellectual, creative, and social stimulation for all students. The school's varied curriculum offers students flexibility in choosing academic courses while exploring career opportunities and areas of special interest.

     The academic program of studies includes general, college preparatory, advanced level courses, and career & technology courses, such as media/video, business/office management, Ag science, home construction and repair, drafting/CAD/CAM, and computer software applications. Students seeking a more rigorous schedule may choose from over 20+ pre-advanced placement and advanced placement (AP) courses. Students may also take dual credit courses that will allow them to receive 30+ college credits through Tyler Junior College, including automotive repair/certification, welding, and commercial refrigeration.

     Dual Language Program

    Dual Language Bilingual Program Model (Kindergarten-5th grade)
    Chapel Hill Independent School District, has adopted district-wide the Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Model which is based on the studies done by some of our nation’s top researchers (Cummins, Collier & Thomas, Hamayan, Leary, & Ruiz) on “second language acquisition. The DL model is an “enrichment” form of Bilingual Education, which accelerates high cognitive ability, linguistic and metalinguistic awareness, and academic achievement in two languages. CHISD’s goal is to promote through the Dual Language Model, bilingualism and bi-literacy so our students are prepared for pre & post-secondary success, global socio-cultural awareness, and economic opportunities, now and in their future.

    Additional Programs

    Dyslexia, Bilingual / ESL, Content Mastery, Grand Central Station, 504, Full-day Pre-K, Headstart, A+ Credit Recovery Program, WINGS-Dropout Recovery Program, STEPS Alternative School, Summer School, and community service projects.