Chapel Hill ISD Charge Regulation

  • A student who uses a prepaid meal account to purchase his or her school meals, including reduced-price meals, will be allowed a grace period, as established by the Board, during which the student may continue to charge school meals after the account balance has been exhausted. The student will be allowed to continue to charge meals for up to $10.00.  Meals that are allowed to be charged to the meal account are reimbursable breakfast and lunch.

    The student will not be allowed to charge a la carte items or extra items during the grace period.

    It is our goal that no child shall go without a meal.

    After the grace period has ended, the student will be offered a reimbursable meal, consisting of meat/meat alternate, whole gran, a choice of vegetable, a choice of fruit, and milk.  

    Charge slips will be sent home with elementary students and if the family chooses, an automated phone system will be utilized to notify parents of overdrawn accounts.  Charges can be paid several ways – at the school cafeteria during business hours or online (  If you feel you qualify for a Free/Reduced meal program (, please contact our office for information.


    The District will make reasonable efforts to notify families when meal card or meal account balances are low and will communicate privately with families to resolve unpaid charges. Notification methods that overtly identify a student with unpaid meal charges, such as announcing or publicizing the names of students, are prohibited. A student who has a low or negative account balance will not be notified in front of other students.

    The parent or guardian will be notified in writing or by the automated system within 3 days after the meal account balance is exhausted.


    The District will make reasonable efforts to collect unpaid meal charges classified as delinquent debt and will establish a schedule for repayment. Only appropriate school personnel trained on USDA’s confidentially requirements may request payment from families with unpaid meal charges.

    If a parent and/or guardian does not repay a debt, the consequences will be as follows:

    The debt will be turned over to the Superintendent or designee for collection.