Facility Requests

  • Filing Request for Use of Facility

    All Event Request forms must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Before final approval of the request, District Administration will review the appropriateness of the venue for the event requested and the availability of the facility.  A facility usage request should be filled out outline.  For username and password, please contact Theresa Driggers.


    School buildings and other facilities shall be made available to groups that wish to conduct activities which promote, stimulate and foster the interest of students and the community, as well as activities which promote the efficiency of the school district, so long as such activities do not conflict with the school program. Programs serving District students will be given priority for use. The Superintendent, reserves the authority to allow or reject any application for the use of CHISD facilities. The guidelines (available in Facility Use Packets) apply to all groups wanting to use schools and/or other facilities according to the policy.

    Contact Information

    Jason Godbold

    Director of Facilities

    Facility Usage Handbook