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    Parent Tips

    • Help your child understand the nature of his difficulty
    • Help your child locate and develop other talents

    Structure the child's life at home  Parent holding child's hand

    • Read books or view videos about dyslexia
    • Stick to a regular routine for meals, play, TV, chores, bedtime, etc.
    • Give chores to do such as making the bed, setting the table, clearing the dishes, etc.
    • Make short lists of tasks to help him remember. The child will gain satisfaction as he checks off completed tasks.
    • Keep belongings in the same place, organization is key.  
    • Help child remember where to put items.
    • Keep instructions simple-one at a time
    • Set up a quiet, distraction free homework space with adequate lighting, comfortable seating, and a smooth, uncluttered writing surface
    • Keep work/study supplies organized in a tub in the homework space(dictionary, thesaurus, highlighters, pencils, glue, sticky notes, stapler, white out, bookmark, markers, etc.)
    • Keep a consistent time and place for homework
    • Provide a personal calendar
    • Keep a family calendar and prioritize activities
    • Help your child locate and develop other talents
    • Sports, art, music, mechanics, hobbies, etc.  Help improve self-image by giving your child tasks he can master.