1st Grade Information

  • Welcome to Kissam's 1st Grade Page

                                             1st Grade Team

    Our day starts at 7:50am, please make sure to be here and be ready to start a successful day!

    1st Grade Conference: 2:25-3:15 ( Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Team Meetings & PLC) 

    Lunch Times are: 

    Gipson/Cheatham- 11:50-12:20

    Casillas/ Thompson - 11:55-12:25

    Bates/ Croley-12:00-12:30

    Specials Rotaions: 

    Monday: Casillas/Cheatham( P.E.),Gipson (Music), Bates (Enrich/Comp), Thompson(Library), Croley (Split)

    Tuesday: Casillas/Bates (PE), Gipson(Library), Cheatham( Music), Thompson(Encrich/Comp), Croley(Split)

    Wednseday: Bates/Thompson (PE), Gipson(Enrich/Comp), Cheatham(Library), Casillas( Music), Croley(Split)

    Thursday: Gipson/Thompson (PE), Bates (Music), Cheatham (Enrich/Comp), Casillas (Library), Croley (Split)

    Friday: Gipson/Cheatham (PE), Bates (Library), Casillas (Enrich/Comp), Thompson (Library), Croley (Split)

    Students are released at 3:20 pm. 

    Students that are absent need to bring an excuse note for the following day

    Thank you!


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