ClassLink Assistance

  • ClassLink gives you instant access to school files and apps from anywhere.

    Sign In to ClassLink 

    Logging In

    Email and Active Directory Log-ins
    Enter your username and password. Your school will provide you with this log-in information. In many cases it may be the same username and password you already use to log-in to the network. Your school will also provide you with a school code if you have one. Final step, click ‘sign-in’!
    Google & Social Network Log-ins
    If you would like to log-in with Google or a social network, you must first log-in with the information your school provides prior to linking your other accounts. Connecting your social media accounts are located in the Sign-In With section of your profile settings. If your school blocks certain social network websites, you will not be able to use this feature while in school.

    Please note:  You must first link your account after logging in for the first time with your main ClassLink account.

    Profile Settings

    Profile settings allows you to change your avatar, update your theme color, access your password locker, connect your google, Microsoft, or social media accounts and more!  
    Click on your profile pictures and click profile settings.
    General Settings
    • You can change your avatar by clicking change image on your profile settings. You can choose from our avatar choices or you can upload a photo of yourself.
    Themes & Colors
    • Select your wallpaper and theme color.
    Password Locker
    • You can enter your log in information or edit log in information for applications by clicking edit next to that application.
    Sign In With
    • Go to Sign in with, and click connect next to which account you would like to use to sign into ClassLink. Enter your account information and you are all set.  
    Please note:  Availability of the Google, Microsoft or social media buttons are controlled by your tech administrators.

    My Apps

    My Apps may be the first thing you will see when you log in to ClassLink. This gives you instant access to the resources that have been provided for you by your school or district. You can add your own apps to this section by visiting our App library, adding your own weblinks as apps, and creating folders.
    Tool Bar
    • Search: Allows you to search through your apps to find a specific app. You do not need to click the magnifying glass to start searching, just begin typing the name of the app and it will automatically search your apps.
    • Edit mode: If you would like to move your apps around, delete apps, moves apps into folders or edit your folder you will have to click this button.
    • Notifications: View notifications sent out by administrators.
    • Help: Go to our online help page, contact our help desk, and show the guided tour.
    Profile Settings
    Change our avatar, themes, and colors. Access your password locker, set up two factor authorization, and connect your account with any social media accounts that your school will allow.
    Single Sign-On Apps
    ClassLink has the ability to link you seamlessly to your various web accounts from within ClassLink. This handy feature is called ‘single sign-on’ (SSO) which means you will not have to enter your username and password every time you enter that website. Apps that have single sign-on capabilities can be found in the resource library, they are differentiated by blue ‘SSO’ banners with the white key.
    Edit Mode
    Click on the Edit Mode button in the top right.
    • Rearrange apps by dragging them to a different location and dropping them.
    • You can move apps inside a folder by hovering over the folder and dropping the app inside.
    • You can create a folder by hovering one app over another app and dropping it. This will create a new folder with the two apps inside.
    • To rename the folder, click on the folder and then click on the name.
    • To add a new application, select 'New App’ and you will be taken to the App Library.
    Updating/Changing Your Password
    To update or change your password, you can choose from the following options:
    1. Use the password locker located in profile settings.
    2. Right click the app and click "Update Password".

    My Files

    My Files is your place to access, edit, and store ALL of your files and folders located on your school network and cloud drives from any device.
    When you click on My Files, it will open up in its own tab. You will see a tree view of your storage locations on the left. The ClassLink Drive is cloud storage given by ClassLink. The School Network storage location is where your school network drives will be found. You will be able to see all of your files and documents that you work on at school. You can view, edit and save these files, from ANY device, instantaneously! You have the ability to use an online editor (Office Online or Zoho) or a local application to see your files. Also, you have the ability to connect your cloud storage applications you already use such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office365 and OneDrive. 
    When a file is clicked, it will open up in Office Online or Zoho automatically. If the file ends in an 'x' (docx, pptx, xlsx), it will use Office Online. Older files will still use the Zoho editor. To get other My Files options you can right-click a file. Some of the options in this menu are to download the file, change the default click option, and choose to open the file on your device instead of editing online.
    PDF and Image Previewer
    ClassLink now has the ability to let you preview your PDF files and images stored in your files. SImply click on the PDF or image you wish to view and the preview window will appear automatically.