• eduphoria! Eduphoria! is a software suite used in Chapel Hill ISD for multiple purposes.

    The component programs of eduphoria! used district-wide include:

    1. Aware - An enhanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments, and analyzing student progress.

    **** Aware Training ****

    2. Facilities & Events - Use to reserve and utilize rooms and materials while managing facilities and reuesting Fundraisers.

    **** Facilities & Events Training ****

    3. Forethought - Use to develop intricate and complete curricula, activities, and instructional components.

    **** Forethought Training **** 

    4. Formspace - Automated district forms that automatically route to the right personnel, use to submit & upload forms.

    **** Formspace Training ****

    5. Helpdesk - Use to report various problems that are encountered in one place; Technology, Maintenance, or Custodial.

    **** Helpdesk Training ****

    6. Strive - Professional development management and collaboration tool that focuses on the end goal, educator growth.

    **** Strive Training ****

    7. Workshop - Use to enroll in CHISD staff developments and eCourses, as well as manage your certificates.

    **** Workshop Training ****

    Eduphoria! Training and Webinars

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