• "I need an image" 
    Google. Copy. Paste. Right?
    We've all done it at one point or another. But honestly, it's stealing. Finding something on the internet doesn't mean it's in the public domain. The safest place to find images is in the Microsoft Clip Art Library (if you've purchased the software, you have unlimited use of their clip art); but, if you want to branch out, here is a list of resources to help you find images, sounds, or video clips that you are free to reuse. 
    The BEST literature I can find to share is a blog post on The Tech Savvy Educator entitled "10 Resources for Copyright and Royalty Free Media" by Ben Rimes. He shared links to sites offering usable audio, photos/clip art, and video. You can also use the information from the video or the link library below to access others.  
    How Will I Know?  
    Here's a list of glossary terms to help you better understand the "getting media the right way" world.
    Royalty-free: the right to use copyrighted material without the need to pay royalties or fees 
    Creative Commons:  A nonprofit organization that is expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. 
    Public Domain: Pictures that are part of the public domain have expired, inapplicable or forfeited copyrights. They are available to the public.   
  • If you REALLY just want to "Google It", then here's a good rule of thumb.  
     search tools
    After typing in your search, click "Search Tools" and choose the "Usage Rights" tab.  The default is always set to Not Filtered; however, if you check the "Labeled for Reuse" boxes instead, you are better equipped to find a suitable image that is specifically labeled.