End Of Year Technology Procedures

  • Email – maintenance in preparation for the summer months must be done as mail will continue to flow through the summer months.

    Delete all email items that you deem are not necessary to keep.
    Clear Sent Items.
    Empty Deleted Items folder.

    Web Browsers – favorites and bookmarks should be backed up in the event that browser updates are released/applied over the summer months. In some cases, the updates will empty all favorite and bookmarked websites.

    Desktop Items – any files that have been saved to the desktop should be moved to your home directory.

    Documents and Files – take a moment to browse through your file structure and directories to ensure that all your pertinent data is stored within your home directory. We will be migrating the district computers to Windows10 this summer and although we do not anticipate any loss of data, the only sure way to ensure that your files are backed up is to place them in the home directory that we back up on a regular basis.

    Additional Hardware – any hardware in addition to the teacher workstation needs to be turned into the campus office for the summer. In the event that you will be storing equipment in your room, be sure to store it under lock and key in your classroom and notify the office of what is being stored and the location. This will help the technicians as they work on equipment over the summer to locate items quickly.

    Moving equipment – if you will be moving classrooms this summer, please remember that you are not to move any computer equipment to your new classroom. Our department will be notified of any classroom changes and the campus technician will make changes as necessary. If there is a special circumstance regarding any hardware, the campus office should be made aware of the situation and technology will discuss with campus administration as to the best course to take.

    Leaving the district - any hardware that is in addition to the teacher workstation should be turned into the campus office labeled with your name and room number. This includes any laptops, iPads or tablets that has been issued to you during your employment with the district. Arrangements should also be made to work with the campus technician regarding copying any files that you want to keep regarding the best way to save your information to either CD or flash drive.