Literature Circles in the Classroom

  • In the classroom, we do literature circles to really dig deep into books and have discussions. Students love these groups because it's very independent and student-led. This helps students become better and more analytical readers. The goal of these groups is to enable students to have in-depth conversations about the literature they are reading that go beyond the typical who, what, when, where questions. 

  •  Cameron, Cobey, and Ja'Leyah have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks on their project! They read the book "Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." by Eleanora E. Tate. After we finished the books they created a story quilt to help tell the story. They also created a Fotobabble about it! Check out the link below!

    Story Quilt


    This group read "My Brother, the Spy" and created movie posters about the book as if it were turned into a movie. The posters included a summary, cast, rating, special features, and more! They did such a great job!




  • This group read the book "Lost Cities". They really enjoyed learning about the ancient cities of Machu Piccu and Pompeii. They created a book report over their city which includes maps, captions, vocabulary words, photos, and facts. They did a great job!

    Book Report

    Kayleigh, Zalen, Tristan, Allyson, and Aliyeah read the book "Bull Harris and the Purple Ooze". The book had an antagonist named Bull Harris who bullied everyone including the main character, Dunn. The students created a diary, one from the perspective of the main character and the bully. They really enjoyed writing from the mindset of the different characters.