Vet Tech
  • Certification Program

    2 Year Program (TAMU & AgriLife Extension Service)

    (Junior/Senior Year)

    11th Grade

    200 skill hours attained under Teacher Supervision in the Classroom

    12th Grade

    300 skill hours attainded under the Supervision of a Liscensed Veterinarian, RVT, CVA or LVT

    (this is obtained as a 7/8 period practicum)

    Note*** the Summer before the Senior Year Students must obtain 150 skill hours working at a Veterinary Clinic before the start of their Senior Year

    ****Due to Space Limitations only 10-12 Seniors will be accepted into the Final Stage of Certification


    Examples of Classroom Work (Junior Year)

    Medical Terminology

    Medical Equipment

    OSHA Safety

    Pharmacology/Dosage/Veterinary Math

    Standard Veterinary Clinic Skills: Communication/Record Keeping/Inventory/Fee's, etc...

    Veterinary Laws and Ethics

    Anatomy & Physiology (we will dissect a Fetal Pig or Cat)

    Animal Nutrition

    Animal Behavior

    Prepping for Surgery

    Basic Animal Care

    The Student will recieve Hands On Learning while at the Veterinary Clinic

    ***Once completed the Student will receive a Certificate as a Veterinary Assistant

    If the Student wants to receive State Certification this will require taking the State Sponsored Exam

    (Assistance with cost may be available)

    If you have any questions, let me know...

    Miss "V"