•  SAT/ACT List 4

    1. Profuse (adj.)- in great abundance; bountiful; lavish; lush

      Ex: The phrase “profuse apologies” describes a gushing flood of “I’m sorrys.”

    2. Superficial (adj.) – on the surface, shallow; not deep, serious or important

      Ex: I received some superficial cuts from cleats in the last soccer game; luckily they will heal quickly.

    3. Uniform(adj.)- consistent; the same

      Ex: At school we follow consistency and fairness—uniform attendance policies and uniform grading systems.

    4. Listless (adj.)- lacking energy or enthusiasm; indifferent or uncaring

      Ex: When we found Fluffy staring at her food with dull, listless eyes, we knew she was sick.

    5. Incessant (adj.)- going on without interruption; unceasing; continuous

      Ex: En route to the vet’s office, Fluffy’s incessant yowling drove us crazy.

    6. Unobtrusive(adj.)- not noticeable; inconspicuous; or, not agressive

      Ex: Dude, our dog, has spent his entire aggressive life seeking fights instead of being unobtrusive.



                                                                                                             SAT/ACT List 3
    1. Fervent (adj.)- full of strong emotion; impassioned

      Ex: Fluffy vents her anger in fervent yowls when another cat invades our yard.

    2. Germane (adj.) – fitting and appropriate; relevant; pertinent

      Ex: The Mark Twain quotes I like best aren’t germane to the way I speak, so I can’t use them.

    3. Fortuitous (adj.)- happening by chance; accidental

      Ex: Fluffy stalks mice deliberately, but she also has her share of fortuitous meetings.

    4. Grueling (adj.)- demanding and exhausting: punishing, tiring

      Ex: In one grueling day, the newspaper staff washed over 400 cars to raise money for new computers.

    5. Indulgent (adj.)- generous to a fault; lenient, not critical

      Ex: We’ve been too indulgent with our dog, and now he is spoiled.

    6. Vulnerable (adj.)- open to physical or mental damage or hurt

      Ex: As a child I was vulnerable to attack from mean kids on the playground at recess.