• English III- J. Dahlgren                                                          Email: dahlgrenj@chapelhillisd.org

    Room 140

    Grade: 11              Length: 1 year                                      Credit: 1                                GPA weight: 1.0

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of English II

    This course emphasizes:

    • The development of American literature

    • Utilizing techniques or research, grammar, usage and mechanics, and vocabulary to generate a variety of written materials

    • Employing the writing process to develop composition skills by writing a variety of multi-paragraph essays of increasing complexity

    • Developing the reading comprehension skills needed for success

    Text: Glencoe Literature: Texas Treasures: American Literature and other supplemental novels and reading selections


    • Composition Book

    • Folder

    • Pens and Pencils

    • Notebook Paper

    • Index Cards

    • Flash Drive


    • 40%- Daily

    • 60%- Tests

    Classroom Guidelines:

    • Be on Time

    • Be Respectful

    • Be Diligent

    • Be Responsible

    • No Cell Phones, unless permission is given for classroom use

    ·         No Food or Drink, except bottled water

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