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How to Help a Child with Dyslexia

  • Help your child understand the nature of his difficulty

    Read books or view videos about dyslexia


    Help your child locate and develop other talents

    Sports, art, music, mechanics, hobbies, etc.  Help improve self-image by giving your child tasks he can master.

    Give chores to do such as making the bed, setting the table, clearing the dishes, etc.

    Make short lists of tasks to help him remember. The child will gain satisfaction as he checks off completed tasks.

    Multiple steps can be difficult to process.  State your ideas in simple, clear, one-concept commands and ask the child to repeat what was said. Speaking at a slower rate is helpful.


    Structure the child's life at home

    Stick to a regular routine for meals, play, TV, chores, bedtime, etc.

    Keep belongings in the same place, organization is key.  Help child remember where to put items.

    Keep instructions simple-one at a time


    Set up a homework space

    Quiet, distraction free work area

    Adequate light

    Comfortable seating

    Smooth, uncluttered writing surface

    Keep work/study supplies organized in a tub in the homework space(dictionary, thesaurus, highlighters, pencils, glue, sticky notes, stapler, white out, bookmark, markers, etc.)

    Keep a consistent time and place for homework

    Provide a personal calendar

    Keep a family calendar and prioritize activities