No worries! You got this!

Don't pull your hair out. It's so pretty! Go here instead.

  • Step 1. Take a deep breath. There's a reason people gasp when I tell them I teach physics. It's difficult for a lot of people. But it's not impossible! You got this!

    Step 2. Re-read your notes and talk to Mrs. Adair. Sometimes when you hear things phrased in a different way, they "click." I'm available during advisory, after school, and before school if I'm doing good :) Haha!

    Step 3. Visit the websites below. Again, if you hear it or see it in a new light, occasionally things will start to make sense. 


    The Physics Classroom - This is a fantastic site with videos, applets, diagrams, quizzes, and tutorials. 

    Khan Academy - tutorial videos on many subjects.

    Try YouTube - seriously. It's not just for kittens playing pianos. Search our topic, like "centripetal motion" and you may find teacher-created videos that are extremely helpful. 


    I will keep posting helpful sites as we go through the year. In the meantime, if you find something, please share!