IPads in the Classroom

  • Welcome to Chapel Hill ISD's resources for using iPads in teaching and learning.  Here you will find resources for using iPads in the classroom. 

    iPad Basic Training for Teachers

    The iPad is very easy to learn to use. Even if you already have a personal iPhone or iPad or other similar smart phone or tablet device, there is always something new to learn about how the device functions.  Here is a great 'starter' video for you if you are a new iPad user.

    UPDATE YOUR iPAD to the most recent Update

    Apple releases regular updates to the iPad operating system, which is called iOS.  

    Your iPad will tell you when a software update is available. You will see a red circle with a number inside in the top right corner of your Settings app.  Please follow the instructions below to update your iPad. You can also download a copy of the instructions if you prefer.

    Managing iPads in the Classroom

    Using mobile devices in teaching and learning opens up a world of possibilities, but it also brings a new set of dynamics to the classroom.  There are some of the things you should plan for before using iPads with students and procedures you should follow while students are using the iPads.  Having a plan ahead of time will increase the success and impact of mobile device use in your classroom.

    Setting Up an Individual Apple ID/iTunes Account Based on Your CHISD Email Address

    • District technology staff will provide you with instructions for setting up an Apple ID/iTunes account based on your CHISD email address and NOT tied to a credit card number.
      • Use the account based on your CHISD email address to download and test apps for use in teaching and learning or to download apps you only intend to use on the iPad you teach from.
      • Do not share the password to this account with anyone else.
      • If you ever leave the district, ownership of this account and any apps purchased on it will remain with the district.

    Managing a Set of iPads With a Dedicated District Apple ID/iTunes Account

    • You may be responsible for managing a set of iPads, such as the iPads purchased with Title I funds for intervention classrooms, with a specially dedicated iTunes account.
      • Use the dedicated district account for your set of iPads to install apps on all of the iPads in the set.
      • Only teachers managing the set of iPads and district technology staff should know the password for this account. Do not share the password with anyone else or reset the password on this account without consulting district technology staff.

    iTunes Accounts and Students

    • Do not allow students to use their personal iTunes accounts on district-owned iPads.
    • Always make sure an iPad is logged out of all iTunes accounts before letting students use the iPad
      • Open the App Store
      • Tap on Featured at the bottom of the App Store screen
      • Scroll to the bottom of the App Store Screen
      • Tap the button that says Apple ID: <itunesaccount>
      • Click Sign Out on the box that pops up
      • Make sure the button that formerly said Apple ID: <itunesaccount> now says Sign In (If it still has the Apple ID on it, tap again and select Sign Out)
      • Close the App Store. The iPad can now be used by students without them iadvertently accessing a district iTunes account.

    Apps, Apps, Everywhere!

    There are a lot of things you can do on an iPad just using the Safari web browser, but a great deal of functionality is added to your device through the use of apps. An app is simply a program, or application, that has been created specifically for a mobile device such as an iPad. Each icon you see on the iPad screen represents an app.  

     iTunes U Teacher testimonial (7th grade Language Arts) discussing the power of inspiring learners with Individualized Learning Opportunities

    iBooks Teacher testimonial (8th Grade Social Studies) 

    Customizing Apps Teacher testimonial (Kindergarten) discussing using different Apps for different learning styles

    Garage Band Teacher testimonial (High School English) discussing using multi-media projects to create Rockin' book reports

    iBooks Author Teacher testimonial (Kindergarten) discussing student created books

    The Secret Garden shares using multiple iPad apps to make learning come alive



    Or try this one! BLOOM'S TAXONOMY APPS


    Employee iPad Policy

    I understand and agree to abide by the following:


    • Chapel Hill Independent School District is issuing me an iPad for use in teaching and learning.
    • The Chapel Hill ISD Acceptable Use Policy for Employees applies to my use of this equipment at all times.
    • I can use the iPad both within and outside of the physical school district, but because the iPad is intended for teaching and learning, I must bring it to my classroom every school day.
    • I am responsible for the appropriateness of the content accessed with and stored on my iPad.
    • I will follow district instructions for setting up an Apple ID tied to my district email account.
    • I will log into the App Store, iTunes, or another app that requires an Apple ID using only the Apple ID that is tied to my district email account.
    • I will not use my personal Apple ID (if I have one) on my CHISD-issued iPad, and I will not use my CHISD Apple ID on my personal iPad or other device
    • I will not allow anyone else use their Apple ID to log into the App Store, iTunes, or another app that requires an Apple ID on my iPad.
    • I will not connect my CHISD-issued iPad to or sync it with a non-CHISD computer.
    • I will not attempt to rename the iPad or remove/bypass software that has been installed on the iPad for the purpose of monitoring it on the CHISD network.
    • I will not attempt to wipe the contents of the iPad.
    • Damage to or theft of the iPad must be discussed with administration and will be covered at the district’s discretion. I will report damage to or the theft of my iPad immediately to designated district personnel.
    • When requested by the district, or upon my separation as an employee of the district, I agree to return this iPad and case to designated district personnel in the same condition it was issued to me, less reasonable wear.
    • If I fail to return the iPad and case upon request or upon separation as an employee of the district, I understand that the cost of replacing the iPad and case at the time I fail to return it can be deducted from my paycheck.