Digital Citizenship

  • Digital Citizenship 

    Chapel Hill ISD feels strongly that all students should be prepared to be good citizens in digital environments, just as they are expected to be good citizens in the physical world. Students should receive instruction on the safe and proper way to use technology and on digital citizenship topics including internet safety, privacy & security, relationships & communication, cyber-bullying, digital footprint & reputation, self-image & identity, information literacy, and creative credit & copyright. In accordance with the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires schools to educate students about appropriate online behavior. This includes education on interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and on cyber-bullying awareness and response.

    Responsible Use of Technology in CHISD

    Technology is integrated throughout the work and learning days of employees and students, and responsible use of technologies goes hand-in-hand with the privilege of technology access. Below you will find official district policies which cover the responsible use of technology by employees and students.   All employees and students agree to follow these policies by virtue of their association with the school district.

    As an employee, it is important that you be familiar with and follow these policies. If you are a teacher, it is important that you hold your students to the standards of these policies through modeling responsible use and requiring your students to practice responsible use of technology for learning,  regardless of whether the technology is district owned or personally owned.  CHISD's responsible use policies are built on the foundation of the Digital Citizenship. You can read more about this concept at

    Today, many of us live a big part of our lives online. That's why it's important that the internet be a safe place for playing, learning, and hanging out.  Here are some links to help students, families, and teachers keep their online communities safe and fun. 

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