Exploring Careers Classroom Activities 

    Business Students spend the first six weeks of the course completing surveys about their interest, skills, aptitudes, values, personality and learning style.  The results of these surveys are complied to gain a career research list.  Many of the surveys are computerized and will give the students a career list to match their interest.  Students use the information to begin a career portfolio.

    The second six weeks the students prepare a personal budget and research careers from their career list which will support their desired lifestyle.

    The third six weeks of the course allows students to prepare a tentative plan for high school courses, look at colleges and alternative training after high school.  Students will have an opportunity to tour our Career and Technical Education facility as well.

    The fourth six weeks, students will research their primary career interest, create a research board, and host a Career Expo for the campus and community to attend and also, host guest speakers who will present information about their careers. 

    The fifth six weeks, students will learn how to fill out an application, create a resume, write a cover letter for their resume and then prepare for an interview by participating in a mock interview.  Community business people will participate with the students and give helpful hints on how to improve their interview skills. 

    The last six weeks, students will develop a business plan for a mock business and research the changes that have occurred in the world of work.   

    As part of the Exploring Careers & Career Portals class, students will be asked to “Dress for Success” on two occasions throughout the year.  Those two occasions are for the Career Expo and the Mock Interviews.  Professional dress & business casual wear is appropriate for these occasions.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (903)566-1491 or e-mail mccowinj@chapelhillisd.org. 

    Thank you for your help and support!



    Mrs. J. McCowin

    Exploring Careers Teacher