• We have several students who have entered pieces into the East Texas State Fair.  Many of the students won ribbons for their entries.

    Advance Art :

    1st place in Pen and Ink/ human: Priscilla Lopez: " John Lennon"

    2nd place in Watercolor/ illustration: Christopher Hamilton : "eye"

    2nd place in Mixed Media/ abstract: Charissa Kohlhaas: "Mirror" (abstraction) 3rd place in pencil/ animal: Uriel Pounce: "Sea Turtle"

    3rd place in pencil/ animal: Makayla Clements: "Mr. Dalgren's dog portrait"

    Participant ribbons:

    Adam Dodd: leopard in pencil

    Leslie Leon: baby in pencil

    Kelsey Cleveland: fairy in pencil

    Kirstan Pinke: Faces in pencil


    Art I :

    1st place in pencil/ face: Kassidy Perry: "Faithful Vision"

    1st place in Acrylic/ wildlife: Jose' Munoz: "Panda with splatter"

    1st place in Oil Pastel/ flower: Jose' Arreguin 1st place in pencil/ flower: Jaysia Maples : "Rose"

    1st place in colored pencil/ animal: Danillo Martinez:  "Flying High for Freedom"

    1st place in watercolor/ structural: Benjamin Jauregui: "Radial Balance design/ butterfly"

    2nd place in colored pencil/ wildlife: Alex Tellex "Panda Walking"

    2nd place in watercolor/ structural: Morgan Hudson:  "Radial Balance design/ elephant"

    2nd place in pen& ink: Dominique Vazquez: "Tiger Stare"

    2nd place in pencil/ animal: Hunter Moseley : "On the Range" (longhorn) 2nd place in Acrylic/ animal: Vasiqua Syeda : "Fish"

    3rd place in watercolor/structural: Danielle Oieda: "Radial balance design/ lion"

    3rd place in pencil/ wildlife: Juvenal Pounce: " Deer"

    3rd place in pen&ink/ wildlife: Paul Ford: "Deer profile"

    Honorable Mention/ ink: Vazia Syedo: "Zebra"

    Honorable Mention/ pencil: Karla Torres: "Mallard"



    Floral Design and Pottery:

    1st place: Bailey Richardson "Fall Arrangement" in hand sculpted clay pumpkin 2nd place: Mazie Rawls: "Fall Arrangement" in hand sculpted clay pumpkin 3rd place: Rhiannon Eastmon: "Fall Arrangement" in hand sculpted clay pumpkin



    1st place: Michael Tang: Surrealistic Dragon in Mixed Media 1st place: Charissa Kohlhaas: Surrealistic Elephant in Mixed Media 2nd place: Cassidy Willingham: Surrealistic in Mixed Media


    They worked hard to get these completed!  They will be on display in the CHHS Fine Arts display area. Come and see if you do not go to the fair!

    All Art students have an Art Supply Fee.  Amounts vary among classes.  
    Art 1 has a $5 fee while Art 2 has a $10 fee.  Art 3 and 4 have a $20 supply fee.  All fees will go toward purchasing supplies for the class.  
    Thank you for taking care of this in a timely manner.