• The guiding tenets of NCLB are concentrated in four major areas:
    • Accountability for student achievement
    • Focus on what works
    • Flexibility
    • Parental Involvement
    There are 16 major programs under the NCLB Program.
    Below is a list of programs applicable to Chapel Hill ISD at present time:
    Title I Part A, Improving basic programs operated by the LEA
    Type of fundingformula grant
    • Title I Part A, Accountability
      • Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report
      • Highly Qualified Report (Report of Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications)
      • Performance-base Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS)
      • Parent Involvement Policy and Right to know information
      • Private Non-Profit Schools Information
      • Homeless
      • NCLB District and Campus Report Cards
      • District and Campus Improvement Plan 
    Title I Part C, Migrant Education Program
    Type of fundingFormula grant
    • Title I Part C, Accountability
      • Migrant Identification and Recruitment Certification
      • Migrant District Improvement Plans
    Title II Part A, Teachers and Principals Training and Recruiting Funds
    Type of fundingFormula
    • Title II Part A, Accountability
      • Highly Qualified District Report
      • Campus Improvement Plans
    Title III Part A, English Language Learners Funds
    Type of fundingFormula Grant
    • Title III Part A, Accountability
      • AMAOS
    Title IV, Safe and Drug Free Schools
    Type of fundingRequired implementation
    • Title IV, Accountability
      • School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
      • Drug & Alcohol Free Information
      • Health and Wellness
    Title IX, Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO)
    Type of fundingRequired implementation
    • Title V, Accountability
      • Bullying Policy
      • Victim’s Guidance
      • Sexual Harassment Information and Procedures
      • Teen Dating Violence