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Mrs. Kimberly Taylor

(Picture of 2017 Senior, Priscila Lopez who placed 1st on her flower drawing and diagram.  This was a Floral Design I assignment and she placed in the Academic Rodeo Science Illustration category)


Welcome to Floral Design!

Floral Design is a great way to learn about beautiful flowers, how to grow a garden with use of a greenhouse, create various arrangements and even make original vases.  Plus so much more!  Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of student's work. 

September: Fall arrangements:

    Students created pumpkin pottery for their personal Fall arrangement

    Students did Fall arrangements to enhance trophy case and offices

    Started a garden in the green house

    Learned about many popular Fall flowers


    Students sculpted Halloween and Day of the Dead skulls with themed arrangements

    Hand painted boxes for Halloween arrangements

    Students created pink and white flower arrangements for breast cancer awareness ceremony

    Learned how to make Homecoming Mums

    Made mums to raise money for a trip to the Dallas Arboretum

    Created Mums for Homecoming court


     Studied 10 ten popular Autumn flowers

     Hand made and wove Cornucopias baskets for asymmetrical, Thanksgiving arrangement

     Fresh flower bouquets for Culinary arts program

     Arrangements and decorations for College day

     Field trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see and study Fall flowers

     Getting started on creating gingerbread house planters

     Begin study on winter flower identification and facts

December/ January

     Studying new flowers that are planted in cool weather for Spring bloom

     Finished Gingerbread house planters for Poinsettias

     Completed how to make a bow for Christmas Reef design

     Learned about color scheme and hand painted a colorwheel

     Applied color knowledge in Artworks based on orignal photos

     Created new arrangements for AP office and waiting room

     Applied color scheme knowlege to monochramatic arrangements for trophy case

     Studying our garden in Greenhouse where Marigolds are in full bloom

     Now learning to hand make silk flowers for festive Mardi Gras arrangements along with Mardi mask