Chapel Hill ISD 2022 Bond: Proposition A & B $125,240,000

  • MAY 2022 BOND 

    By recommendation from the district’s Long Range Facility Planning Committee, a facilities planning committee of approximately 50 local citizens and staff members, the Chapel Hill ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously on February 14, 2022 to call a bond election for May 7, 2022.

    The bond package totals $125,240,000 and is made up of two propositions.

    The total estimated cost for the proposed phase one master plan projects is $125,240,000 and would increase the tax rate by a maximum of 34.82¢. For a $100,000 home (home value), this increase to the tax rate would equal $192.42 per year or just over $16.04 per month. Taxes would not increase for voters over the age of 65 with a homestead exemption.

    The proposal provides renovations and replacements to aging student facilities in order to accommodate the continued growth in student programs, extracurricular activities, fine arts, and athletic programs.

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