• Kissam Character Education

    At Kissam Elementary, character education is valued and encouraged. Through our character education program, students learn valuable lessons about effectively interacting with others in society. Giving students the resources they need to function in a diverse world is necessary no matter what their circumstances. Character education is the root of an individual’s ability to problem solve and make decisions that positively affect their livelihood. Each six weeks we have a character focus from the Six Pillars of Character and students in every class and grade level are recognized and awarded for their ability to display these characteristics in the school setting.


    Monthly Character Focus

    •  August/September - Respect
    • October - Responsibility 
    • November - Trustworthiness 
    • December - Caring 
    • January - Fairness
    • February - Citizenship
    • March - Responsibility 
    • April - Respect
    • May - Trustworthiness 


    Trustworthiness : blue
    Think "true blue"
    Respect : yellow/gold
    Think the Golden Rule
    Responsibility : green
    Think being responsible for a garden or finances; or as in being solid and reliable like an oak
    Fairness : orange
    Think of dividing an orange into equal sections to share fairly with friends
    Caring : red
    Think of a heart
    Citizenship : purple
    Think regal purple as representing the state

    T R R F C C
    Students can use this acronym to help them remember that people with good character are terrific:
    T rustworthiness
    R espect
    R esponsibility
    F airness
    C aring
    C itizenship -

    See more at: http://charactercounts.org/sixpillars.html#sthash.bPpNdZFN.dpuf
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