• 9/22/16 News and Notes

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 9/22/2016


    27th: Divas Kick-Off @ 6pm

    30: Bulldog Pride Assembly

    Early Release at 1:20


    4th: Open House 5-7

    7th: Fall Pictures

    10: Student Holiday

    24th-28th: Red Ribbon Week-dress up days TBA


    ALL students should be doing the following on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. 

    Spelling word practice (Unless in dsylexia)

    Reading 20minutes

    Sight Word Practice

    Addition and Subtraction  through 10 fact practice


    You will have the opportunity to sign up for a fall conference during Open House. These will be held at a convenient time so that you can get information and ask questions about your child’s academic progress.

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  • 8/29/16 News

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 8/28/2016

    Welcome Back! 

    School is back in full swing, and we are off to a wonderful start! Below are news and notes for the upcoming week! 


    Please make sure your student's information has been updated if you have not already done so! This process has eliminated the large stack of papers at the beginning of school and makes finding your information MUCH easier! 


    Spirit shirt sales have been extended through this Wednesday August 31st. The cost is $8 and must be paid up front. Our "Cookie Dough" fundraiser kicked off on Friday, but there is so much more than cookie dough to offer! Please look through the catalog and encourage your friends and family to support your student and Kissam! There are a ton of great Christmas gift ideas in there! Also, 40% of the profits come right back to Kissam to help fund field trips, campus projects, and student centered events! 


    Please make sure your student is reading 20 minutes each night and practicing their multiplication facts. While we may not have begun to cover them in class, getting a head start is a GREAT idea! It will help them a great deal this year and in years to come. Spelling lists will also be coming home this week for students to practice. 

    Divas/Watch Dogs

    Our counselors are currently planning a kick off night for parent volunteers so please be on the lookout for those notes! We need and appreciate our wonderful parents coming to Kissam to spend the day with their students! 

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  • Updates and Reminders

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 5/12/2016


    All money and permission slips are due back now. Also, all fees including past due library books and cafeteria fines MUST BE PAID in order for your student to attend. 

    Students need to bring: a towel


                                       flip flops or water shoes- NO TENNIS SHOES 

                                       A dry change of clothes for after the park-including undergarments

                                      Extra money for snacks inside the park-THIS IS OPTIONAL as your student will have a lunch provided, BUT NO OUTSIDE                                           FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. 

    Parents ARE allowed to attend, but MUST provide their own transportation to the park and will pay the regular admission fee into the park. 

    END OF YEAR PARTIES will be held in your student's classroom on June 1st at 10am. Notes about these will be coming home after water park. Awards will be given and students will be free to leave with a parent or guardian after their party is over. 


    STAAR SCORES: These will not be reported back to the school until after school is out for the summer. Letters will be mailed home. 



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  • STAAR reminders

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 5/6/2016

    It's beginning to look alot like STAAR testing here in the 3rd grade hall at Kissam!!! 


    On Monday and Tuesday of next week, our students will take the Math and Reading STAAR test. It is crucial that our students get a good night's rest prior to both days, eat a good breakfast both mornings, and arrive ON TIME for testing. We are so proud of all that our students have learned this year and the strides they have made in all subject areas, and we simply cannot wait for them to show off next week! We all know they will do GREAT! 


    As a reminder-due to testing schedule changes and the need for silent lunches Monday-Wednesday (5th grade will test on Wednesday), NO VISITORS are allowed on campus during lunch for ANY STUDENT. 


    Please encourage your student and reassure them that while testing can be stressful, that it is a great opportunity for them to show what they know! Also, WATERPARK is just around the corner!!!! 

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  • Important Reminders

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 4/21/2016

    Track and Field day is NEXT Thursday April 28th! 

    -Your student CANNOT attned if they have unpaid cafeteria charges, overdue library books, unreturned pictures (or money), or an outstanding balance for our chocolate fundraiser. **IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S FEES, PLEASE CONTACT THEIR TEACHER ASAP. 

    -If you have not sent your child's white t-shirt for them to tie dye with their class for field day, please send by Friday April 22nd. We will be tie dying at school and need to have their shirts. Our color is GREEN this year! 


    STAAR testing is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!

    We are so proud of all the growth our students have made this year and while testing is not the most enjoyable part of the school year, we are SUPER EXCITED for them to SHOW what they KNOW! PLease ocntinue to encourage your student to work hard in class. It is also important that they continue to be on time and present for school! We will go back and review skills taught throughout the year during our final push for STAAR and we need EVERY child present and focused!! 


    More information will be coming soon about Waterpark Day as well as end of the year parties...stay tuned!!!! 



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  • Spring Updates

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 3/28/2016

    Now that SPRING has SPRUNG, we have a TON of upcoming events and important dates!!! 

    Chocolate Money and Spring Pictures (or the money) are due back NOW!! If a student has ANY upaid balance for either they will NOT attend any field trips including Splash Kingdom. Library Fines and Cafeteria fees must be PAID also. 

    March 29th and 30th: 4th and 5th grade are STAAR testing-NO visitors for lunch on either day

    April 1st: Students can pay $1 to EITHER wear their PJs to school or bring their own device to participate in an hour of tech time OR they can pay $2 to do BOTH! This money is going to help out of Student Council. 

    April 8th: Kissam Idol try-outs- Encourage your student to sign up and try out for our 2nd Annual Kissam Idol! They can sing, dance, tell jokes, or show off any other special talent! 

    April 22nd: Bulldog Bash/Kissam Idol

    April 24th: We will have an informational iLearn night for current and prospective parents to check out just how much our iPads have improved our learning experience this year AND hear about our expansion plans for the coming year. 

    April 28th: Track and Field: We will be back at the high school this year!! 

    May 9th and 10th: 3rd grade Math and Reading STAAR dates

    May 16th: Splash Kingdom Water Park trip- this is for those students who EARN their invitation by hard work, attendance, and awesome behavior

    June 1st: End of the Year Awards- These will be help in your student's classroom at 10am 


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student's teacher. Be sure to check back for any updates or changes! 

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  • February News and Notes

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 2/9/2016

    Here are some more updates for coming events at Kissam!! 

    February 10th-12th: Students can purchase the gourmet popcorn for $2 from 7:30-8:00 in the mornings

    February 12th- Class Valentine Parties @ 9:45 in their classrooms

    February 15th-18th: STAAR MOCK TESTING- campus wide, and due to testing schedule changes, no visitors will be allowed on campus for lunch these days. We will shut down and test just as we will during STAAR. It is very important that students are present and on time these four days, especially for 3rd grade as this will be their first taste of what STAAR will look and feel like. 

    February 19th: Early release for students at 1pm

    February 22nd: Student Holiday-Teacher inservice

    March 7th-11th: Spring Break


    As always if you have any questions or concerns with any scheduled events, please contact your child's teacher. 

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  • Multiplication Information!

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 12/1/2015

    Our multiplication fact tests are starting!! Each student was given a parent note to bring home to explain the rules to our multiplication party, but here is a brief run down. 

    Practice log-Students should be practicing their facts every night, and parents will intial what their student worked on. Practice can be saying them out loud, flash cards, or writing them.

    Fact tests- Students will have two chances each week to test. They will start on 0's and work up to 10's. Each test is timed at 1 minute and 30 seconds. In order to pass and move onto the next test, they must make a 100. Students will be on their individual levels. This will not go by the whole class.

    Multiplication Celebration- For each passed test the students will earn a piece of their ice cream party. For example, when they pass their 0's and 1's they will get their invitation to the ice cream party. When they pass their 2's, they get their bowl, and for every other test they pass, they will get additional toppings and goodies to enjoy. 

    PLEASE make sure your student is working hard to memorize their facts. It is crucial for them in regards to STAAR AND 4th grade.


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  • December News and Notes

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 12/1/2015

    As we near the holiday season and are Christmas Break here are a few reminders of our events! 

    Dec. 2nd - College T-shirt day: support your favorite college by wearing a shirt or hoodie with it's logos and/or colors

    Dec. 9th: 3rd Six Weeks Reading Benchmark- Make sure you're reading to build up your stamina!

    Dec. 11th - Unit 4 Math Test: PRACTICE YOUR MATH FACTS!!! 

    Dec. 13th and 14th - 3rd Six Weeks Math Benchmark

    Dec. 17th- 3rd Grade Christmas Parties @ 9:45: We will be having a breakfast style party in each of our classrooms. Students can leave early after the parties if their parents attend. Notes will be co,ing home soon about what to bring. 

    Dec 18th- Early Dismissal: We will let school out at 1:00 for the Christmas holiday. School will resume on January 5th. 



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  • November News and Notes

    Posted by Bethany Chancellor at 11/2/2015

    As we begin to enter the hustle and bustle of the holidays, below are some reminders and events we have going on! It will be a busy time from now until Christmas break!! 

    November 4th - College T-shirt day: Have your student representative their favorite college by wearing a college shirt or one with their favorite university's colors

    November 6th - Kissam University and Fall Picnic: Join your student for a picnic lunch outside and hear all about what they've learned in their Kissam University mini sessions

    November 12th - 3rd Grade Field Trip! Notes and permission slips will be coming home soon! Cost is $4 per student for the show. We will have a picnic lunch at Bergfield Park afterwards. 

    November 20th - Walk-A-Thon: a fun day with awesome concession stand food and games! Each student is asked to raise $10, but can bring more to help their class win a prize!

    November 23rd - 27th THANKSGIVING BREAK

    November 30th - 3rd and 4th Grade program- Crazy Christmas at 6p.m. at the High School Auditorium 


    Educational updates: 

    We are working on learning our multiplication facts in class and below is a link to songs you can let your child listen to in order to memorize their facts. It is critical for 4th grade that they know their multiplication facts by memory! They should practice writing their facts each night. More information will come home about this. 



    Reading should also be done each night for at LEAST 20 minutes!! This is one of the biggest things you can do to help your child grow as a reader. They can read on our online library, their library books, or books you have at home. It will also NOT hurt them to reread books they've already read. 


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