Students are expected to dress in a neat and attractive manner that reflects pride in themselves and their school.  We rely on parents’ good judgment to help students know what to wear.  Generally, students should wear clothes which are safe and comfortable, do not disturb or distract other students, and are appropriate for learning.  Any form of dress or hair style which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be permitted.


    ***Final decisions on the appropriateness of school dress rest with the campus administration. ***



    1. Clothing that advertises or depicts alcohol, drugs, racial slurs, tobacco products, satanic sayings or graphics, gang membership, obscene language, obscene graphic, and/or phrases that are offensive to others will not be permitted.
    2. Halter tops and spaghetti straps will not be permitted.
    3. Low cut clothing or see-through clothing that reveals or exposes bare midriffs will not be permitted.(Tank tops will be required UNDER burnout shirts)
    4. No excessively loose clothing that results in “sagging.”
    5. Shorts, jumpers, skirts, skorts, and dresses should fit and CANNOT BE SHORTER THAN


    1. Pajama tops or bottoms will not be permitted except for special dress up days.
    2. Hoods may not be worn in the building.
    3. Any disruptive or distractive mode of clothing or appearance that adversely impacts the educational process will not be permitted.



    1. Students will not be allowed to wear shoes that are designed for beach or bath wear.
    2. Taps, metal plates, cleats, or wheels on shoes will not be permitted.
    3. House shoes will not be permitted.
    4. Backless shoes (flip flops and sandals) are NOT allowed due to safety during any part of the school day.
    5. Students must wear proper shoes on the days they attend P.E (preferably tennis shoes).



    1. Boys and girls will not be allowed to wear hoop earrings.



    1. NO designs or initials shaved into students hair
    2. NO colored or dyed hair other than natural colors
    3. Hair is to be clean and well-groomed. Unusual or excessive hairstyles including “Mohawks” that are designed to attract attention to the individual or that adversely impacts the educational process will not be permitted.



    1. Students will NOT be allowed to wear make-up.
    2. Students will not be allowed to display any form of tattoos, drawings, or markings on their body.
    3. Hats, caps, bandanas, and/or sweat bands should not be worn in the school building without prior permission.


    ****Students out of compliance will be supplied with school approved attire ( field trip shirt) o be returned the following school day.